Franco Escamilla at Allstate Arena

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Allstate Arena | Rosemont, Illinois

Franco Escamilla

The Master of Sarcasm is coming your way this October 27 at the Allstate Arena! Franco Escamilla’s Festival Latino de Comedia will feature the titular star, with special guests Liss Pereira and Felipe Avello, for one Friday night of jam-packed comedy. A unique voice in the Latin standup scene, Escamilla has established himself with his collection of Netflix specials, which include "Welcome to the World," "For the Anecdote," "Comedians of the World," and "Eavesdropping." But did you know that he’s also a battle-hardened touring performer? Almost ten years in the biz, our main act has sent countless crowds wheezing from laughter through his blend of black humor, relatable storytelling, and witty acoustic singing. This year, he aims for the heart of Rosemont, Illinois, at the Allstate Arena, a massive multipurpose venue fitted with world-class seats, stage, and lighting. We made the “Get Tickets” just for you. Hit it and claim your seats now to see Franco Escamilla LIVE in his Festival Latino de Comedia show this fall!

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled is leaving crowds gasping for air in bellowing laughter. Forged from the hottest pits of, uhm, Mexico, Franco “El Diablo'' Escamilla is out for another round of his must-see performances on October 27! The famed comedian is closing in on ten years of live shows, having begun in 2014 with the Ríspida Rapsodia Regia tour. His last series, Gaby, concluded just last year and has further propelled him into the North American mainstream. This year, 2023, he announced a special ONE-NIGHT ONLY event at the Allstate Arena: Franco Escamilla’s Festival Latino de Comedia featuring Liss Pereira and Felipe Avello!

“Much better than expected, and I had high expectations! My wife and I laughed non-stop. We loved it. What makes his show very different is that he does not have a repertoire of jokes; he narrates everyday stories with his signature way of doing it, witty and very smart. You really cannot tell if his stories are made up or not, but he makes them feel very real!”

Voice actor. Musician. Businessman. Franco Escamilla can do it all, but what he does best is turn serious topics into hilarious standup material. Our headlining act is notorious for his biting black humor and sarcastic wit, but all-around, he’s a master in the art of storytelling standup. His fans can vouch for this with his quartet of widely lauded Netflix comedy specials "Welcome to the World," "For the Anecdote," "Comedians of the World," and "Eavesdropping." As the sprinkles to the ice cream sundaes that are his live shows, Escamilla treats his audiences to delightfully comical song bits with his trusty guitar.

Special guests Liss Pereira and Felipe Avello will open the show, warming the crowd up before the night’s main event. Pereira is an India Catalina Award-winning actress you’ll immediately recognize from her Netflix special “Reteniendo líquidos” and frequent collaborations with acclaimed director Fernando Ayllón. Avello, on the other hand, is a 20-year multimedia veteran in theater, music, film, and television. He is also notably a National Humor Award-winning performer graced with an irresistible on-stage charisma.

Plan your Friday night right and watch Franco Escamilla’s Festival Latino de Comedia LIVE this October 27 at the Allstate Arena. This large-scale multipurpose venue in Rosemont, Illinois, can comfortably accommodate over 20,000 people! It boasts immersive acoustic and lighting technology plus unobstructed sight lines through its elevated rows of top-of-the-line seats. What more can you ask for? Book your tickets now!

Franco Escamilla at Allstate Arena

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