Incubus & Coheed and Cambria at Allstate Arena

Incubus & Coheed and Cambria Tickets

Allstate Arena | Rosemont, Illinois

Incubus & Coheed and Cambria

This August 24th, Incubus will ascend the Allstate Arena’s stage with guest Coheed and Cambria, endowing a kaleidoscopic alt-rock luster to your Saturday night! Our main multi-platinum band has partnered with Live Nation Entertainment to deliver TEN concert performances on their upcoming arena tour, showcasing the complete setlist of Morning View, their iconic 2x Platinum fourth album. Cherish Incubus’ uniquely eclectic sound in the LP’s Top 10 Alternative Airplay hits — “Warning,” “Wish You Were Here,” and “Nice to Know You” — alongside ten more tracks that heralded the tender transformation of the group’s heavy metal origins. On top of these, they will also perform a selection of the most influential singles from the rest of their discography. Join the fan-sung chorus as “Drive” turns to “Megalomaniac,” turns to “Love Hurts,” and other such songs from Billboard 200-charting albums like Make Yourself and Light Grenades jump into the mix. Book your tickets now and test the boundaries of music with Incubus LIVE!

In collaboration with Live Nation, critically acclaimed alt-rock band Incubus will depart on a ten-city arena tour connecting summer and fall, featuring special opening acts from Coheed and Cambria. The US stint is set to kick off in Detroit, Michigan, with a next-day follow-up on the 24th of August at the Allstate Arena of Rosemont, IL.

Bear witness to our headlining group’s genre-breaking ingenuity in full live spectacle as they perform the entire tracklist of their double Platinum Morning View LP. Issued on October 23, 2001, this GRAMMY-nominated fourth studio album delivers an evolutionary step deeper into Incubus’ mellower side of the pool. Listen to over a dozen songs drifting between cold aggression and tender lyricism, with three Top 10 Alternative Airplay hits leading the charge.

Nice to Know You
Wish You Were Here
Just a Phase
Blood on the Ground
Have You Ever
Are You In?
Under My Umbrella
Aqueous Transmission

But that’s not all. Incubus will also play the classics that helped cement their place in the ever-shifting zeitgeist. Wade through the colorful sounds of fan-favorite albums, including the momentous Make Yourself of 1999 and the Billboard #1 Light Grenades of 2006, and behold how funk, jazz, heavy metal, hip hop, and techno intertwine into something simply transcendental. From “Drive” to “Megalomaniac” to “Anna Molly” to “Love Hurts,” the band’s Double-A chart-toppers don’t hold back, so brace for soul-piercing impact.

“Roughly 23 years ago we rented a house at the sea to do an art experiment,” lead vocalist Brandon Boyd began in a statement.

“The novel and expansive environment combined with a healthy dose of momentum helped us find that ever sought after FLOW state and the songs that became known as ‘Morning View’ have since become indelible and deeply important parts of our lives.”

Coheed and Cambria, New York’s multi-awarded prog-rock quartet, will be sharing a glimpse of the epic saga narrated through their uniquely imaginative sci-fi discography. Venture into worlds unknown, deep into a heavy metal and post-hardcore landscape that lays the backdrop for Alternative Airplay hits, such as “A Favor House Atlantic” and “The Suffering.”

For die-hard fans, Live Nation also offers VIP packages that may include merchandise, photo ops, side stage passes, and even special table tennis matches with select band members!

The village of Rosemont’s Allstate Arena will receive Incubus during their tour’s second stop on Saturday, August 24, welcoming 18,500 fans to witness the alt-rock icons in mesmerizing acoustic definition. Our venue also offers a wide variety of concessions, high-end seats, and immersive lighting that’s sure to elevate the performance beyond hearing. For reservations, click the “Get Tickets” button above!

Incubus & Coheed and Cambria at Allstate Arena

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